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How to Prep for the SPI Test

When you job hunt in Japan, in additon to the document screening and interviews you’ll have to do, you may also be asked to take a kind of aptitude test called an “SPI” test. SPI is a test developed by the company Recruit Management Solutions, and stands for “Synthetic Personality Inventory.” The aptitude test is meant to help companies learn more about an applicant’s abilities and personality.

The SPI test was designed in Japanese for Japanese job seekers, and includes Japanese language expressions that may be difficult for international students, so be sure to prepare in advance.

Types of SPI tests
The SPI test is meant to determine your general abilities and personality type.
The ability portion of the test is divided into language-based and non-language-based sections.

The language-based section
This section has questions meant to measure your ability to understand language-based based. Many international students may find this part difficult, as it includes reading comprehension for some long texts.

The non-language-based section
This section includes questions meant to measure your ability to calculate and reason.

The personality test is meant to measure your character and how you’ll approach your job. The test will use your answers to measure the pattern of actions you’re likely to take, and your thought process.

How to prepare for the SPI aptitude test
It’s very important to prepare for this kind of aptitude test in advance. By practicing again and again, you’ll start to get a sense of the patterns of the test. Use practice tests to get a sense of the type of questions that appear most often and other tendencies, as well as your own weak points.

Point 1: Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension
It’s important to read a lot of Japanese in order to improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension abilities.

Point 2: Basic Arithmetic
Speed and accuracy are important in the four arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, so you’ll want to practice a lot with practice books.

Point 3: Getting used to the questions
It’s extremely important to practice a lot with test practice books. This kind of repetition will help you to get used to the type of problems you’ll see on the test. As you solve the problems, try to imitate the environment of the real test by using a timer.

How to study for the SPI

Use courses at school, etc.
Some universities offer SPI prep courses and mock tests to help students with their job hunting.
Many universities in Kobe City also offer SPI prep, so be sure to take a look!

How to use YouTube
There are many videos on YouTube that can help you prepare for the SPI test. Try searching for the topic you want to learn more about. It’s a great way to squeeze in some studying during your free time!

What do you think? Preparing for the SPI test may not only help you with your job search, but with learning quite a bit, too. Make a plan to prepare, and you, too, can get your dream job!