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How to Find an Apartment in Japan?

When you’re studying abroad in Japan, finding the right place to live is a very important part of living a rich student life.
In this article, let’s take a look at some of the important points when looking for an apartment!
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What’s an agency?
When renting an apartment in Japan, you typically do so through an agency. These companies act as the intermediary between the renter and the landlord. If you rent a house through an agency, the agency will charge its own fee, so check on this in advance.

Key points when for searching for an apartment
The best way to look for an apartment is online. Recently, new services like virtual room tours have emerged, too, allowing you to view videos and photos of the room with easy. You can also set your requirements for the room you’d like quite specifically, making it easier to find a room you’d like.
Also be sure to check the Kobe City Residential Support Council website for information on companies that provide assistance to foreign residents in finding housing, and with their rental contracts, as well as information on registered rent guarantors that provide assistance in foreign languages.

Key Points of the Lease Agreement
In many Japanese rental contracts, a two-year lease is common. There are often pre-determined periods by which you need to act when renewing or cancelling the lease, so you’ll need to check these carefully when signing your contract. Additionally, when signing, check to see what additional fees may apply aside from rent, as these may include a deposit, key money, insurance premiums, and so on. The contract details will be explained in the Explanation of Important Points section. Some companies may offer contracts in English, but most still only provide them in Japanese, so if there’s something you’re unsure of, be sure to ask about it.

On your obligation to keep a property in its original state
A renter’s obligation to keep a property in its original state is a requirement that stipulates renters must make sure their room is in its original condition when they turn it back over to the landlord. This is often detailed in your contract, so be sure to take a look. The security deposit that’s often requested when you first rent your room is often used to help restore the room, so it’s not guaranteed that you’l get it back.

These are some of the main points you’ll want to remember when renting in Japan! Some are a little complicated and there’s a lot to watch out for, but in order to avoid any trouble and make you life in Japan as smooth as possible, it’s good to check them all!