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A photo of Meriken Park at night, with Harborland in the background. A photo of the City of Kobe at night, as seen from the ocean in Kobe Harbor.

You need to refresh yourself on breaks between studying. With its various sightseeing locations and shops, Kobe offers many tools to enjoy the city, from the beautiful port area and the natural scenery of Mount Rokko, and locations to enjoy incredible nightscapes; to the sweets, gourmet, and fashion.



Kobe Official Tourism Website: Feel KOBE別ウィンドウ

Happy Memory Pass Kobe

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This pass offers free entry to Kobe's cultural and social education facilities for international students (those with international student visas) attending universities, junior colleges or vocational schools in Kobe City, or those attending university in Hyogo Prefecture.


Access Within Kobe City

Central Kobe Railway Map

A image showing the respective locations of cities near Kobe, including Kyoto,
		Nara, Osaka, Takarazuka, Awaji Island, and Himeji.

Public Transportation

Neighboring cities

Fun in Kobe

One of Japan's most attractive and foremost sightseeing destinations, with historical neighborhoods, special openings and light-up events at temples and shrines, gourmet events, museums, and more.

Nara is a city with a long history, and is home to Japan's oldest temple and some Important Cultural Properties. It's the perfect place to go World Heritage Site hopping.

Osaka offers more than just eating 'til you drop in Tsutenkaku, or the particular humor of the local people, but long-held entertainment traditions, and many more unique points.

Takarazuka is located nearby the big cities of Osaka and Kobe, but is also a great place to enjoy nature, culture, and the theatrical arts, as well as Takarazuka Onsen/Takedao Onsen and the Osamu Tezuka Museum. The city is visited by many travelers each year.

Awaji Island is said to be the first of the Japanese islands to be created, and this mythology of the "creation of Japan" can be found across the island. It's home to beautiful natural scenery, many agricultural products, seafood, and onsen.

Himeji flourished long ago as an important point of transport in Western Japan, and the city is easy to access from the surrounding areas. Himeji has gained popularity amongst tourists as a city where they can experience history up-close.