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For Parents

On this page, we share information you may wish to know before studying abroad,

The Study Abroad System in Japan

To enroll in a Japanese university, junior college, or vocational school, students must, in principle, complete a 12-year formal education program. Generally, a degree earned in Japan has the same value as a degree earned in other countries.

Kobe as a Safe & Secure City

Kobe City has brought together different disaster prevention and mitigation initiatives and technologies since experiencing the Great Hanshin Earthquake. The local community works as one to educate itself on disaster prevention, form local groups to increase knowledge and understanding of natural disasters. The city also holds disaster-related symposiums, exhibitions, and large scale international conferences on disaster-prevention to continue to share emergency management policies and technology with the world.

A photo of people learning how to use fire extinguishers during a practice drill.

The Creation of a Safe and Disaster-Resistant City

Kobe began its “Kobe City Disaster Prevention and Welfare Community” project in 1995, to promote the ability of citizens to aid themselves, receive public help, and receive mutual assistance in local communities to strengthen the disaster-resisilience of the city. The "Kobe City Disaster Prevention and Welfare Community" is implemented with different characteristics in each area of the city, including training on the use of fire extinguishers in local areas, iniatives to education children on how to react during earthquakes, as well as other disaster preparations techniques, like emergency drills for large-scale earthquakes or tsunamis. Communities like this one born in Kobe are also beginning to appear around the world, as in Indonesia's Yogyakarta in 2010, when that community created the first BOKOMI (Disaster Prevention and Welfare Community) outside of Japan.

A photo of people listening to an explanation from a firefighter during a drill.

Local Resident Natural Disaster-Prevention Initiatives that Include International Residents

Kobe is a leading international city in Japan, and is home to many international residents. To make sure that these residents are able to live here in safety and security, it's very important to provide and use information related to disaster response. These international residents are therefore included in a variety of disaster response activities.

Support Structure for International Students in Kobe

Daily Living Support for International Students

Find help in solving the various problems you may face in your daily life since coming to Kobe, including various official procedures, and other issues students may need help with.

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Scholarship Programs

In Japan, some scholarship programs include Student Support Organization Scholarships and Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) scholarships, and there are also independent scholarships offered by Kobe City. Some private companies and universities also have scholarship programs.

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Daily Living Support

The Kobe International Community Center (KICC) has been established to support the internationalization of the community, the creation of a city in which it is easy for non-Japanese to live, and the promotion of international exchange among Kobe residents. KICC offers multilingual information about the local government and daily living, as well as one-stop consulting regarding life in Kobe, and a variety of international exchange services.

Kobe International Community Center (KICC)別ウィンドウ

Job Search Support

Every year, there are more and more international students hoping to find a career in Japan after graduation, and Kobe is also home to many companies actively looking to recruit international students. Here, you'll find lots of information about job-hunting in Kobe, including information about the job-hunting process in Japan generally, and programs that support international students in their job hunt.

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