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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kobe City has implemented a personal information protection policy since April 1, 1998, in order to protect user's personal rights and interests. Under this system, proper management of personal information and requests for the disclosure of personal information will be implemented by city agencies (hereafter referred to as "the city"), in order to properly protect personal information. This system for the proper management of personal information extends to the website.

Restrictions on Information Collection

When the city collects personal information,

  • the purpose for which this personal information is being collected will be made clear, and kept within the scope required to fulfill this purpose.
  • The collection of information will be collected by lawful and fair means, and in principal it will be collected from the individual in question.
  • In principle, we do not collect personal information that relates to thoughts, beliefs, or religion.

Proper Management

Personal information collected by the city

  • will not be leaked, lost, or damaged.
  • Information that need no longer be saved will be thoroughly and swiftly disposed of or deleted.

Purpose of Use / Restrictions on Providing Information

In principle, personal information collected by the city will not be used by the city for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected, and it will not be distributed to entities outside of the city (the national government, other government bodies, etc.).

Regarding Requests for the Release of Personal Information, etc.

Requests can be made for the disclosure, correction, or cessation of use of one's own personal information collected by the city

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About the Use of Google Analytics

The Kobe City website uses Google Analytics to use in improving its services. Google Analytics uses "cookies" to collects user information. User information is collected in accordance with Google's privacy policy. For details on the Google Analytics Terms of Service and privacy policy, please see the Google Analytics website. Kobe City will not be liable for any damages caused by use of the Google Analytics service.

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