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Here you'll find helpful information about everything from Kobe schools to the study abroad application process, to scholarships, as well as information about school clubs to enrich your academic life, and interviews with current students.

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The Admissions Process

For details, be sure to refer to each university's home page.

Depending on the school, admissions usually occurs twice a year, for spring admission or autumn admission. Begin by planning your study abroad, and for the next three months or so beginning in March for spring admissions, and August for autumn admissions, make your document requests to the university. Universities will forward the documents over a period of about four months.
		Over the course of two months beginning in around June for spring admission and November for autumn admission,
		you'll select your school, and take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), which is administered each year in June and November.
		You'll submit your application beginning in August for spring admissions, or January for autumn admissions; schools will review your application and hold interview tests, and those who pass will receive their notices of acceptances in around October or March, respectively. After confirming your notice of acceptance,
		you will submit your admissions documents in November or April, the schools will check your documents, and apply for your residency permit through the Regional Immigration Bureau. Approved applications should receive confirmation through their school.
		In December for spring admissions and May for autumn admissions, students will complete their immigration and school entrance procedures, and once schools have received that information from the students, they will apply for study abroad visas for qualifying students. In about one month, the Regional Immigration Bureau will review the application for about a month before issuing a visa.
		Once your visa has been issued, you can make your preparations to move to Japan for an April entrance for spring admissions, or September entrance for autumn admissions.
		After graduating, you can consider returning to your home country or looking for work in Japan.