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Career Support for International Students

There are a number of services in Kobe offering support to international students seeking work.

Kobe Foreign Employment Service Corner

"Hello Work" is a national (Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare) consultation desk, and this corner offers support to job-seeking international students or other foreign residents of Japan. In addition to employment consulation, the corner can also provide job listings and mediation with potential job placements for free.

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Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners

This service center helps to provide greater understanding of companies for job-seekers, and offers support in the job-hunting process in Japan.

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The Consortium of Universities in Hyogo

The consortium offers internships at Japanese companies, holds group information sessions with Japanese companies, and supports the job-hunting efforts of international students in Japan.

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Kobe City Overseas Business Center

The Kobe City Overseas Business Center holds group information sessions with local companies for international students seeking employment in Japan. In addition to creating spaces for communication between international students and local companies, the center also holds timely seminars for companies to understand labor rules regarding foreign employees.

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Meets Kobe

Find out more about why you'd like to work in Kobe with informal talks and seminars with Kobe companies, and participating in on-site visits.

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Hello Work New Graduate Support

Current students may also come by for consultations. Staff who specialize in employment support for new and not-so-recent graduates provide one-on-one support until employment is secured. Services such as guidance on the writing of entry sheets (applications) and mock interviews are also available free of charge.

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Yahoo Job Search: Kobe Edition

Presenting fun activities and life in Kobe, as well as knowledge of the city, so that users can get to know Kobe from a variety of angles and better imagine living and working here.

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