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Kobe Companies

With geographical elements like its port and central position in the highway network, Kobe has a wealth of industry, and is home to many companies. There are more than 200 foreign companies, and many companies have their headquarters in Kobe. Recently, there has also been an increase in the number of companies establishing research and development bases in Kobe, and expanding their business into domestic and overseas markets with bases here, mainly in growing fields, like medicine and new energy.

Company Numbers by Industry

Breakdown by office numbers (2016)
Total number of offices: 66,882

Construction Industry: 5.6%
Manufacturing Industry: 5.8%
Wholesale, Retail Industry: 25.7%
Real Estate, Rental Goods Industries: 7.3%
Academic Research, Technical Services Industries: 4.8%
Lifestyle-Related Services, Entertainment Industries: 7.9%
Medical Care, Welfare: 9.1%
Service Industry (Outside of the industries above): 6.3%
Other: 10%

Companies in Kobe City