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Kobe Institute of Computing / Graduate School of Information Technology

Master's Degree
Science Humanities & Science

Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology (KIC) is a very unique institution to bridge Technology and Social science. Located in the city center of Kobe, KIC collaborate closely with local governments, private companies, and local communities to make the practical outcome of the course to meet our goal; “Social innovation by ICT and yourself”. Other than academic activities, KIC regularly organize cultural events and exchanges to provide students a deeper insights of Japanese culture. KIC has been chosen Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) since 2020.

ScholarshipsClasses in EnglishSupport for Muslim Students
Entrance Timing April October
Entrance Qualifications JLPT:N1
Matriculation Fee 200,000yen
Tuition Fees 1,600,000yen/year
*The fees listed above are prices for 2024. Should course fees be revised during the course of a student's studies, fees for new studies will be applied to current students as well.
*A separate fee will be collected for a health checkup (approx. 3,400 yen)
*After graduation, a fee of 5,000 yen will be collected for entry into the alumni association, and a fee of 5,000 yen will also be collected for expenses surrounding the graduation ceremony.
Number of International Students 59
International Student Nationalities China/Syria/Senegal/Taiwan/Benin/ Etc.
Associated High Schools Overseas in 2023
Associated Universities Overseas in 2023
State of International Student Employment

Infection Prevention and Safety Initiatives

In order to protect the health of students and faculty from infection with the new coronavirus, the Kobe Institute of Computing, Graduate School of Information Technology (Chuo-ku, Kobe City) began to conduct all school events and classes, including seminars, online during Japan's Emergency Declaration period. By using an online video conferencing system, professors are able to offer classes from their homes, and students can participate from home, which helps in our efforts to reduce the frequency of outings and lowering the risk of transmission. By allowing international students who have not been able to return to Japan to participate in these online classes from their home countries, we have been able to avoid cancellations and continue to hold 100% of our classes. All school staff have installed the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App (COCOA), and we're working to quickly determine when contact has occurred with ill individuals. The school is also making efforts to share information about the spread of the coronavirus by installing Hyogo Prefecture's COVID-19 tracing system.


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ICT Innovator Course

Kobe Institute of Computing's Initiatives to address Africa's Social Innovation


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