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A Guide to Job-Seeking in Kobe: the Best Companies for International Students

An international port city, Kobe is very popular with international students for its unique, international business environment and the variety of career opportunities it offers. Kobe is home to a number of well-known companies, including more than 200 foreign-affiliated companies, as well as Japanese companies specializing in advanced technology, healthcare, and new energy technologies. For international students attending universities in Kobe, understanding the corporate culture and hiring information put out by these companies is the first step to finding a successful job in Japan.

In this article, we’ll take a look at four companies that are actively hiring international students in Kobe.

1. Procter & Gamble Japan K.K. (P&G)

Procter & Gamble Japan K.K. (P&G) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer goods, providing essential products such as detergents, hair care, and cosmetics. Its high-quality products are trusted by consumers all over the world, and it has an enterprising spirit that constantly pursues innovative business methods and new ideas.

P&G provides a place to foster a global perspective and creative thinking. The company welcomes individuals with an innovative spirit and those who value teamwork, especially candidates with professional experience in the fields of marketing and business management. P&G encourages cultural diversity within the company and assists employees, and female employees in particular, in advancing in their careers.

P&G Japan also offers a special recruitment program for university students from overseas and graduates who have studied abroad.

For more information, please visit P&G’s website:

2. Nestlé Japan K.K.

Nestlé Japan K.K. (Nestlé) is a global leader in food and healthy living, committed to improving the quality of life for modern and future generations through food. With expertise in nutrition, health, and well-being, the company seeks to support the happy and healthy lives of both people and pets.

Nestlé’s international footprint and multicultural work environment provide diverse job and growth opportunities for globally minded and innovative talent. The company is an ideal place for international students who want to make an impact on the world stage.

Flexible working arrangements, extensive support systems, international work opportunities, and international programs provide a work environment where employees can continue to grow.

Check out what Nestlé’s employees have to say: “Getting more in touch with Japanese culture at work

For more information, please visit the Nestlé website:

3. Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd.

Nippon Technology Solution Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nippon Technology Solution) is a Japanese company with technological innovation and solution development at its core, providing unique products and services for the global market. The company supports the career growth of its employees across a wide range of business areas, including equipment development, design, production, video production, product promotion, and package design production.

Nippon Technology Solution actively welcomes international students with a passion for technology and offers a workplace full of challenges and opportunities. In order for employees to go beyond their own limits and continue to take on new challenges, Nippon Technology Solution values a culture in which “a profession is a challenge.” Here, international students can develop innovative thinking and enhance their problem-solving skills in real-world projects.

Take a look at some of our employee testimonials: “Challenging herself at an innovative company that crosses industry lines to find solutions

For more information, please visit the Nippon Technology Solution website:

4. LEC, Inc.

LEC, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “LEC”) is a company specializing in luxury wedding planning and bridal photo services, providing customers with top service experiences. One of LEC’s major features is its system of “all-in-one” service. In addition to its usual wedding service business, the company is also pursuing the unlimited possibilities of other fields into which it plans to expand in the future.

If you’re interested in helping to realize a wedding that will be the highlight of someone’s life, or if you’re looking to bring home a successful, big event with a focus on teamwork, LEC is the ideal place to work. In particular, candidates with creativity, customer service experience, and those who value the customer experience will find rich opportunities for professional growth and personal development here.

Check out what Nestlé’s employees have to say: “Assisting with wedding photography in Japan for international clients

For more information, please visit the LEC website:

For international students who are considering finding a job in Japan, here are some tips to help you stay on track and be efficient with your job search.

• First of all, it is important to find out if the company you are interested in has a foreign market or overseas base. Companies with foreign markets tend to look for foreign employees who are familiar with the market or who can communicate in the local language.

• Also, find out in advance if the company has previous experience in hiring foreign employees. According to a report by the Osaka Industrial Economics Research Center, more than half of companies that have experience hiring non-Japanese candidates intend to continue to hire non-Japanese candidates.

• When it comes to choosing an industry, 80% of international students choose non-manufacturing industries. Commerce, trade, and IT-related services are the most commonly chosen. It’s wise to consider your limited time and energy and focus on the industries in which you feel most confident.

• Japanese companies tend to place more emphasis on long-term human resource development over a workforce that can jump to action right away. That’s why improving your language skills and understanding company culture are very important basic skills. Continuing to study Japanese on a daily basis will be of great help to your work experience in Japan.

International students studying in Kobe have not only may opportunities for study, but a variety of career possibilities. Keep a positive attitude, be sure to actively gather information, and we can get there together!