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Nice to meet you!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Tanzilia Gilmutdinova (Tanzi), and I am from Russia.
  I am writing articles here on “KOBE STUDY ABROAD” about the city and student life in Kobe.
Firstly, let me introduce myself a little…
  Back to when I was 14, I watched a Japanese animated film “The Cat Returns”, and I fell in love with the theme song “Kaze ni Naru” (which means “become the wind”). I wanted to understand the song in its original language, without translation. For this reason, I decided to study Japanese at university.
The first time I came to Japan was in 2016. Although the trip was only a week long, I got the chance to visit Kobe. The city was so nice that I thought, “One day, I will work here!!” The next time I came back, I spent almost 3 months as an intern at Kobe Gakuin University.
And now, I work in Kobe. I love this city and the people here, and I would be happy to introduce all the wonderful things about Kobe!!