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Welcome to “KOBE STUDY ABROAD”!!

Discover Japan with us!
Dear friends!
It is our pleasure to announce that we have set up a new website “KOBE STUDY ABROAD”! The site is dedicated to helping you to get higher education and to find subsequent work in Kobe, Japan. We aim to become the most convenient, useful and informative website in searching the best university for you in Kobe!

We have gathered up the whole information related to student life, university study programs etc., in order to simplify the process of comparing and choosing the right place for studying.
We have also interviewed current students and graduates who successfully found employment here, so you will get to know about the real life of a foreigner in Kobe, and all the amazing moments of studying abroad!

We are willing to support you in such a significant period of your life, and will be happy to answer all your questions! We hope that the site will turn out to be a great helper in making your dreams come true!

See you in Kobe!