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University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

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Since its establishment in 1988, our university has been striving to realize one of
its founding principles, which is to be an "open university."
Currently, we have international students from 17 different countries and regions, not only students from Asia but also students from Europe and America.
The students represent with a total of approximately 870 students.
Additionally the "student dormitory" has opened for international exchange on campus.
And we provide specialized department to support in various aspects of student life, teaching, international exchange, community engagement that are relevant to international students.
Our career services department has dedicated staff members who support international students with job search assistance, providing job guidance, organizing on-campus company presentations, offering support for acquiring qualifications, conducting interview training, and more.

ScholarshipsStudent Dorms/Rental Housing
Entrance Timing April
Entrance Qualifications EJU:210
・EJU scores must be 210 points out of a total of 400, not including descriptions.
・The entrance qualification above may not be accepted at some times
Matriculation Fee 300,000yen
Tuition Fees First year fee: 595,140 yen
After second year: 781,000 yen - 1,012,000 yen

・The annual course fees above also includes other school fees.
・The annual course fees above include each scholarship available to international students.
・After students' second year, course fees may be reduced depending on academic performanceFirst year scholarship money is given to those with a resident card status of "student"
Number of International Students 870
International Student Nationalities China/Indonesia/Taiwan/Vietnam/Bangladesh/ Etc.
Associated High Schools Overseas in 2023
Associated Universities Overseas in 2023
State of International Student Employment Number of Graduates::149
Number Seeking Employment After Graduation:65
Number Who Found Employment in Japan::59
Number Who Found Employment in Kobe:9


Infection Prevention and Safety Initiatives

1. Use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to implement a "For the Students" strategy across the entire university, and to make back-ups (ex: online student consultations, online career consultations, etc.).
2. As a general rule, classes are held in-person, while upholding our infection-prevention policies.
・With the exception of some classrooms, the maximum number of seats shall be limited to the classroom capacity. (There is no limit to the number of seats.)
・Wearing masks during class is left to the discretion of each student, and will not be enforced.
・Hand disinfection practices upon entering classrooms as well as the use of ventilation in classrooms will be continued.
・Those who have been diagnosed as having a new type of coronavirus infection or those who have had a close contact with the virus must report their absence from class in the same manner as for other illnesses such as the seasonal flu.
3. Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout campus to help prevent the spread of infection. Professors will (continue to) wear masks.
4. Part-time job information will (continue to) be provided to international students who may be seeking new work due to a variety of circumstances.


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