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What kind of event is the Kobe Music & Digital Art Exhibition?

A variety of different events are held in Kobe, including food-themed events, fireworks, festivals, and light-up events. Today we’ll be looking at a music event that was held in January!
What kind of event is the Kobe Music & Digital Art Exhibition?
The Kobe Music & Digital Art Exhibition is a 3-day media art event held in a huge warehouse in Kobe.
Cross-genre DJs from all over Japan gathered for a performance filled with lights and lasers.
Food and beverages were available for sale, and the event provided a relaxing atmosphere to both enjoy the music and have a good time with family, friends, as a couple, etc.

The event in the former Sumitomo Warehouse, which is scheduled for demolition.
Normally, this warehouse space is off-limits. It was very exciting to step inside for this event.
The heavy bass sound coming from the end of the passage thrummed through my body, and the space had a strange, wonderful atmosphere perfumed with spices from around the world.
Participants to the event got to enjoy a space away from their everyday lives, where they marveled at the fantastical lighting, and danced to the DJ’s music. It was very much a chill event, where I could make friends with the same hobbies I have, and even expand my community!

There are many other events going on in Kobe. When you come to the city, be sure to check for information.

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