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A Day in the Life of an International Student in Kobe

Let’s take a look at the life of a student studying at the school of Business Administration at Kansai International University!
It may vary a bit from year to year, but let’s take a look at what university life is like for this student.

7:30 Wake up
7:45 Breakfast

This student often buys onigiri (rice balls) or yogurt at a convenience store.

8:00 Prepare for class
8:10 Leave home

It takes about 20 minutes by train from my house to school. On the train, I prepare for lectures and check social media.

8:45 Arrive at university

9:00 Lecture

All classes at the university are taught in Japanese, but some exams can be taken in English if Japanese (especially kanji) is too difficult. In my first year, I sometimes chose English classes, but since my second year, I’ve learned enough to take the exams in Japanese. It takes a lot of time and effort to master a language, but it pays to keep practicing!

12:00 Lunch

I always get lunch in the university cafeteria. The cafeteria’s very popular because the food is tasty, inexpensive, and comes in large portions!
When I have time before my next class, I go to the food court at the mall near the university with my friends to try some different kinds of foods.

13:10 Lecture

Depending on the courses I’ve registered for at the moment, on days when I have lectures until the third or fourth period, I’ll work part-time at a convenience store near my house after lectures and come home around 10:00 p.m.
On days when I don’t have work at my part-time job, I do homework with my friends at the university or read books at the library.

22:00 Review, prepare for the next day’s class, charge my computer, etc.

Prep and review are really important for my studies. I make it a routine before going to bed to study hard each day.

22:30 Bedtime

At university, I enjoy spending my days studying and handing out with my friends.
On my days off, I find cafés where I can relax or spend time studying alone.
Kobe is full of bakeries and unique cafés!
I hope you’ll find your own favorite café in Kobe, too!

So, what did you think about my schedule?
Did it help you to better picture what studying abroad might be like?
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