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Find the flavors of your home in China here in Kobe

Sometimes international students miss the flavors of home. In times like these, it can help cheer you up a bit to enjoy some food from back home where you live now. Kobe is home to many international students from China, and there is plenty of Chinese cooking that they can enjoy here!

Yaki-Kushi Grilled Skewers
China is known for its grilled chicken, beef, and lamb skewers.
Grilled with Chinese spices, these skewers have an authentic taste that will remind you of the taste of home.
You can choose your own level of spiciness to enjoy just the taste you remember.

Shàng Shàng Qiān (Jojosen)

Ramen is popular in Japan, too, but it’s also very popular in China.
Chinese-style ramen is characterized by the thickness of its noodles. The noodles are compartively thicker than the Japanese noodles, but you can also select just the thickness you like.
It’s the quickest way to connect to memories of home.

Ichiten Ichimen

Bubble Tea
Have you noticed that tapioca drinks (bubble tea) taste a little different in each country?
Chinese bubble tea is unique for its sweetness and the fragrance of the tea.
There are a lot of bubble tea shops in Kobe, too, so when you feel the urge to find a bubble tea like the ones you enjoyed at home, you’ll be able to buy them here.


Chinese Food Ingredients
In the shopping district in Kobe’s central Chuo Ward, there are several Chinese product stores frequently visited by Chinese students. You can buy different kinds of sweets, fruits, and seasoning here.
You can even try making some home cooked dishes yourself to eat!

Shinyasuwara Shoten

When you’re studying abroad, getting the right food can often be difficult. Even though you may long to eat food from your home country, there may not be any shops that sell it nearby, or their food may not taste the same. With less access to the ingredients and seasoning, you may not even be able to make the dishes on your own.
In Kobe, there are many authentic Chinese restaurants, and shops that sell Chinese food ingredients.
Kobe is also home to a Chinatown called “Nankin-machi.”
When you miss the flavors of home, Kobe will provide with all of its different shops. Come to Kobe and see for yourself!