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Enjoy an Autumn Full of the Arts with Museum Road: From the September Edition of KOBE PR Magazine

Have you heard of KOBE PR Magazine?
KOBE PR Magazine is a newspaper-style booklet with various information about Kobe that the city publishes once a month.
Recently, I went to Museum Road, which was featured in the September edition of KOBE PR Magazine.
In this article, I’d like to take a look at KOBE PR Magazine and Museum Road.

What is KOBE PR Magazine?

The magazine is a newspaper-style informational publication released monthly by Kobe City.
It includes a variety of information, like notices from the city, monthly feature articles, columns related to life in Kobe, and so on.
The September edition of KOBE PR Magazine mostly features the following:
・Information about art-related spots in Kobe City
・Information about the coronavirus pandemic (infection numbers in Kobe City, information about vaccine appointments, etc.)
・Information about the city’s financial situation

By the way…
The “walk through Rokko Meets Art” mentioned in the September issue’s feature on art-related spots is a location our Kobe Study Abroad team visited last year.
We have an article about this in Kobe Notebook, too! Please be sure to take a look. ♪
⇒”A Side of Kobe You Didn’t Know 2: An Artistic Walk Through Rokko Meets Art

How to Read KOBE PR Magazine

The following Kobe City-related facilities and tourist information centers offer the magazine.
*A limited number of copies are available.
*Some facilities may be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

[Locations Where the Magazine is Distributed]
・Ward offices, branch offices, and mini-branch offices
・The City Administration Information Room (City Hall Building 1 Floor 18)
・Kobe Tourist Information Center
・Municipal Subway Stations
・City Library
・City Planning Hall
・Citizen Welfare Exchange Center
・Rifare Yokoo
・Suma Patio/Campus Square/Serio

You can also download page data from the magazine on the Kobe City Website, and read back issues.
Kobe City Website

Check out digital foreign language versions of the KOBE PR Magazine here.
KOBE PR Magazine Digital Book
*Languages supported are Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

What is Museum Road?

The September edition of KOBE PR Magazine has a big feature on Museum Road.
Museum Road is the name locals have given to the 1.2 km road that stretches south to north from Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum to Kobe Oji Zoo.
As you walk, you’ll find a lot of outdoor art pieces you can enjoy near the path.
The area is also home to many cultural facilities, including Kobe City Museum of Literature, Yokoo Tadanori Museum of Contemporary Art, Hyogo Prefectural Haradanomori Gallery, BB Plaza Museum of Art, and more.

I followed the photos and map of Museum Road from KOBE PR Magazine September issue, and took a walk down the path myself.

I got off at Hankyu Ojikoen Station, and with September’s KOBE PR Magazine in hand, I walked to Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum.
I took a stroll down Museum Road myself

↑ After walking for about 15 minutes, I arrived at Hanshin Iwaya Station.
On display right in front of Iwaya Station.
↑This was on display about 20 minutes’ walk from Iwaya Station.
The road from Ojikoen Station was mostly downhill, so it was very easy to walk.

↑After walking for another 3 minutes or so, I arrived at Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum.
You’re usually greeted by the inflatable “Kobe Frog” (known locally as the “Beautiful Frog”) on the roof of the museum, but this time, perhaps because of the heat, the frog was deflated.

↑Here is a happy, beautiful frog.
A photo taken of the “Beautiful Frog” from the September edition of KOBE PR Magazine.

↑On the south side of the Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum, the “Sun Sister” (known locally as “Nagisa”) is on display. It was erected as a monument on the 20th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

↑If you stand with your back to “Nagisa,” you can see a view of the whole bay, and enjoy the fresh, open feeling here.

That’s our feature on KOBE PR Magazine and Museum Road.
While remembering to take precautions against COVID-19, why don’t you head out for an artsy autumn walk to discover some of the art-related spots in the September edition of KOBE PR Magazine?