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~ Girls & Global Career & The Future ~ (Online)

Online Career Seminar To Think About Female’s Life.
~ Girls & Global Career & The Future ~

When we think about a woman’s life, the most important thing is probably the idea how to get more flexibility in a woman’s career change. We believe at the seminar you’ll get the information that will change your life!

12th December, 2020 (Thu) 18:00-20:00
【Concept of Seminar】
The speakers of the seminar are the representatives of the foreign-affiliated companies and the companies that expand their business to the world. We will listen to their life stories, coming from different positions and life stage expirience. Let’s consider about the future life style, and women’s life and career.
What is “to work globally as a woman”‘?
What should I do to create shining life?
We hope the seminar will help you to understand your life and find your way.

【Open to】Female university students (1-3-year students are in particular) (Other students are also welcomed)
【Languages】Japanese (International Students are also welcomed)
【INFO/How to apply】Fill the registration form

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