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Hyogo International Student Internship: Call for Applicants!

To all international students hoping to work in Japan!
Do you find it difficult to know where to begin your job hunt?

The Hyogo-Kobe Consortium of Universities has a special program just for international students, the Hyogo International Student Intership.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn about Japanese business manners, formal keigo speech, and company work styles through real experiences at companies that hire international students, or are working to promote diversity.
During summer vacation this year, why not join other international students from across the world, working at Japanese companies, learning about the job hunt in Japan, and thinking about your future?

Interested students should please contact their university career center to see if they meet the program requirements.

For details, please see the event pamphlet.

Inquiries: Hyogo-Kobe Consortium of Universities
TEL: 078-271-0233