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Kobe International Cooking & Pastry College


Founded in 1985, Kobe International Cooking & Pastry College provides not only practical training, but gives students diverse cooking and pasty-making knowledge through its lectures, where students will encounter many technical and foreign terms. In order to make sure that international students are understanding as well, classes are held after school by staff members with experience working at Japanese language schools.

Entrance Timing April

Entrance Qualifications EJU:200
Matriculation Fee 200,000yen
Tuition Fees 1,600,000~1,700,000yen/year
Number of International Students 5
International Student Nationalities Taiwan/Myanmar/Hong Kong/Nepal/ Etc.
Associated High Schools Overseas in 2023
Associated Universities Overseas in 2023
State of International Student Employment Number of Graduates::3
Number Seeking Employment After Graduation:1
Number Who Found Employment in Japan::1
Number Who Found Employment in Kobe:0


Infection Prevention and Safety Initiatives

Disinfectant placed throughout the school (disinfectant contains hypochlorous acid water), air circulation, use of acrylic seperator panels, silent meals, "Turned K" photocatalysis sterilizer and deodorizer placed at entrances, circulators placed within the school, use of two Plasmacluster NEXT (50000) humidifying air purifiers in the 8th floor kitchen theater, and one no-contact Thermo Manager EX heat detector near the school entrance.

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3-5-1 Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture