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Art College Kobe is a vocational school on Rokko Island. Our educational motto is to foster "foreign human resources loved by Japanese people." We train international workers so that they can play an active role in Japanese society for a long time to come, and not simply to fill a gap in the numbers of the Japanese working population. Because of this, when assisting student employment, we look to find companies that values foreign works and has a career plan for them, and many of our graduates have been able to obtain 5 year working visas.

Entrance Timing April

Entrance Qualifications
Matriculation Fee 100,000 yen
Tuition Fees 538,000 yen~700,000 yen
Number of International Students 795
International Student Nationalities Nepal/Sri Lanka/Indonesia/Vietnam/China/ Etc.
Associated High Schools Overseas in 2023
Associated Universities Overseas in 2023
State of International Student Employment Number of Graduates::597
Number Seeking Employment After Graduation:405
Number Who Found Employment in Japan::324
Number Who Found Employment in Kobe:20

Infection Prevention and Safety Initiatives

・In order to avoid the "3 Cs" (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact), we make sure there is plenty of space between students, and that classroom are properly ventilated during classes.
・We use a thermographic device to check body temperature when people arrive at the school. Those with a temperature over 37 C will not be permitted to enter.

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