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Kansai University of International Studies

Bachelor's DegreeMaster's DegreePhD
Humanities & Science

Kansai University of International Studies is a place of intellectual learning that aims, from a global perspective, to foster human beings who are creative, take initiative, and are full of love for their fellows. As a whole, the school's educational mission is to send out graduates into the world who respect others, and who independently and actively seek out their own ways in the world, acting out our "3 C's" (Communication, Consideration, and Commitment).

ScholarshipsSupport for Muslim Students
Entrance Timing April October
Entrance Qualifications JLPT:N2
Matriculation Fee 200,000yen
Tuition Fees Humanities: 557,050yen
Other: 210,300yen
Number of International Students 326
International Student Nationalities China/Vietnam/Indonesia/Taiwan/ Etc.
Associated High Schools Overseas in 2022
Associated Universities Overseas in 2022 Asia:47
Middle East:0
Central & South America:0
North America:18


State of International Student Employment Number of Graduates::118
Number Seeking Employment After Graduation:56
Number Who Found Employment in Japan::42
Number Who Found Employment in Kobe:12


Infection Prevention and Safety Initiatives

The university has implemented measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including thermographic thermometers that are used at campus entrances, requests for hand disinfection, and we also require students and faculty to sign up for COCOA, a contact tracing app.


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2023 Guide to Schools for International Students

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