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Japan University Of Economics

Bachelor's Degree

Come study economics in Kobe, which has long been a city of trade and commerce, and set your sights on a job, or your own business in Japan. Our school uses a system of small class sizes, and our highly practically skilled professors offer meticulous instruction. It's also easy to adopt a cosmopolitan mindset here in Kobe City, which is also a sightseeing spot that draws tourists from many different countries. Our campus is located just a few minutes' walk from JR Sannomiya Station, which makes it very convenient not only for commuting, but also for shopping and other daily needs you may have. Come enjoy a campus life in Kobe that's substantive and fun.

Entrance Timing April
Entrance Qualifications JLPT:N2
Matriculation Fee 200,000yen
Tuition Fees 510,000yen/year
30,000 yen deposit (at time of matriculation)
educational/facility support fee of 110,000 yen per year
Number of International Students 546
International Student Nationalities Vietnam/Nepal/Uzbekistan/China/Bangladesh/ Etc.
Associated High Schools Overseas in 2023 Asia:0
Middle East:0
Central & South America:0
North America:4


Associated Universities Overseas in 2023 Asia:49
Middle East:0
Central & South America:5
North America:12


State of International Student Employment Number of Graduates::106
Number Seeking Employment After Graduation:75
Number Who Found Employment in Japan::69
Number Who Found Employment in Kobe:10


Infection Prevention and Safety Initiatives

・Until the spread of the coronavirus ends, classes will generally be held online. Subjects which are difficult to teach online may be taught via in-person classes, for which the highest possible level of caution will be observed, including mandatory same-day temperatures checks, mask-wearing, standard disease-prevention measures (gargling, hand-washing, hand-sanitizing, etc.), and social distancing.
・Club activities will be suspended until coronavirus infections have been eliminated. Even once club activities have recommenced, basic infection control measures will be thoroughly implemented, and the participants' daily health must be monitored, both by participants themselves and their club leader. Should they develop a fever or become ill, they must swiftly tell the university and take action.
・In their daily lives, students are asked to take basic infection control measures and to avoid large groups of people, etc.


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