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Making my dreams of studying abroad come true in Kobe

Kansai University of International Studies Faculty of Business Administration
Doan Thi Phuong Giang
Vietnam (Came to Japan in April, 2017)

What first made you interested in Japan?

I heard about Japan when the child of my mom’s friend went there to study abroad. It was right around the time of university entrance exams in Vietnam, and I decided to go to university in Japan instead of Vietnam in order to go to Japan as soon as possible. Right after I’d just arrived in Japan, I couldn’t understand or speak Japanese, I couldn’t see my friends, and doing both school and part-time work was so difficult that I wanted to go back home to Vietnam. But I once I began to actively accept and understand Japanese culture, I fell in love with Japan, especially Kobe, and didn’t want to leave Kobe.

Mitsui Outlet Park Marinepia Kobe (2020)

How did you find information about studying abroad in Japan?

In Vietnam, there are a lot of support centers for privately-funded students looking to study abroad, so I was able to get information there. I also got information from other students who were already studying abroad in Japan.

What did you study in university?

I’m in the Faculty of Business Administration, and study various things about business administration. I especially like marketing, so when I don’t have class, I go to the library and study by myself. In university, you don’t just learn from the textbook, but with presentation skills. In my graduate seminar I also learn about Japanese business manners and how to create good relationships with others [in the business world].

What differences have you found between Japan and your home country?

There are a lot of similarities between Japan and Vietnam. I think one of the biggest differences is an environment that allows me to grow. In Japan, I have to do everything by myself. Even when I have a difficulty, I can’t rely on my family or friends, and I had some hard times and made some mistakes because of that. But it’s also because of this very situation that I’m able to grow and meet a new, strong version of myself.

What do you like about Kobe?

I can share over a 100 things I love about Kobe (the amount of food, the gorgeous scenery, what a good city it is for students…). I want not just international students, but also Japanese students to come to Kobe and experience it for themselves.

What do you do in Kobe on your days off?

I often spend time in the library. There are a lot of libraries in Kobe, and they’re clean and comfortable. I also frequently go to the zoo and to art museums. I’ve been living in Kobe for six years, but there are still so many places I haven’t visited yet.

What are your dreams for the future?

My dream for the future is to become president of a travel company. I’d like to connect Japan and Vietnam, and share the best of both countries with one another. It’s not an easily achievable dream, but I’m hoping I can start to make progress on the path to success now.

Please share some advice for prospective international students to Kobe (or Japan)!

There are so many things I’ve become able to do that I never thought I could. I came to Kobe without any special skills and I’ve had so many wonderful experiences. Miracles can happen for you, too! Believe in yourself, and go for it!