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Looking for international exchange or multilingual support for international students? Check out KICC!

While you’re living abroad in Japan, do you ever have problems or feel lonely? Today we’re going to introduce Kobe International Community Center (KICC), to make your life in Japan more fun, and more interesting!


KICC is a space where you can get to know not only Japanese people, but people from other countries, too. KICC hosted a variety of exchange events, offers Japanese language study support, consultation for foreigners in 11 languages, and more.


Most of KICC’s locations are easily accessed in the middle of Kobe.

On the 1st floor of the Shin-Nagata location you can borrow books and textbooks to study on your own, and there are also exchange events available. We reccomend visiting the office on the 4th floor, which offers multilingual support for your life in Japan, residence status, and so on.
The Sannomiya/Mikage location has KICC Nihongo Plaza, where you can take lessons in Japanese and Japanese culture from Japanese and volunteer teachers.


Bring something new into your life in Japan!
For details, please see the KICC website.