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Study in English at Kobe Schools: No need for Japanese!

Did you know that you can come to study abroad in Japan, even if you only speak English? In this article, we’re going to be introducing three Kobe universities that offer English-language programs. Let’s take a look at what courses they offer!

1.University of Hyogo: School of Economics and Management, Global Business Course
The School of Economics and Management was established in 2019. Within this department, the Global Business Course is the only course through which students can earn economics credits in English. The course has a capacity for 50 Japanese students and 30 international students, so you can learn in a global environment. Classes and seminars, including specialized classes in economics and management, are conducted in English. There are also classes specially prepared for international students in subjects like Japanese language and culture, so there are also opportunities to improve your Japanese language skills!

In accordance with school calendars overseas, international students here start school in September. The fact that you won’t have to wait half a year to start university in Japan is one of the benefits of this program. Additionally, as a first-year student, you’ll enter the International Dormitory, so you’ll be able to live together with students from all over the world and learn more about one another’s cultures.

Furthermore, in your first year, you’ll have five weeks of foreign language study and overseas training. Activities like these aim to give you a rich sense of internationalism and to strengthen your international communication abilities. We also interviewed a current student about this program, so be sure to check it out!

School of Economics and Management Website
School of Economics and Management Digital Pamphlet

2.Kobe University: Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Master’s Program in English for International Students
This course was established as a joint Master’s and Doctoral program in 2006. It aims to develop talent that can play an active role in both practical and research fields in developmental policy and international society. The course is in English, and primarily aimed at international students. Some students are also government officials and university workers, etc. Graduates go on to work in diverse fields, including public offices, in education, in the private sector, etc.

Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies Website
Introduction to the Master’s Program in English for International Students

3.Kobe Institute of Computing: ICT Innovator Course
The ICT Innovator Course, which begins in October, is a Master’s prorgram conducted in English. Students here mainly study the use of ICT (informations and communications technology) in international cooperation, societal development and innovation, and its practical application. Regardless of whether your background is in the arts or sciences, or whether you have knowledge of ICT or international cooperation, this course will allow you to begin studying from the basics.

This program accepts international students from about 24 different countries and regions. Those who study here are not just students, but people with many different backgrounds, including those working for governmental organizations and international organizations, as well as IT engineers, and more. Even the teachers are of various nationalities, including China and Congo, and the faculty include not only teachers with practical experience in IT, but specialists who worked in international development in involvement with organizations like JICA. Learning in such a global environment, with a curriculum centered on research implementation, you will be able to apply what you’ve learned in any field. After graduation, you will be able to play an active role in a wide array of fields.

Additionally, following the submission of documents and an interview screening, some privately-funded students may be granted a scholarship. For details, please inquire via the website.

Kobe Institute of Computing Website
Introduction to the ICT Innovator Course

And there are your English language schools and programs! You don’t need to worry about your Japanese language skils. Even with just English, you can make Kobe study abroad a reality. We hope you’ll consider it!