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A Side of Kobe You Didn’t Know 4: The Wonders of Arima

The long winter is almost over. How have you been spending it?
This year, winter was especially cold. In Kobe, the lowest temperature went down to -7 degrees on one day! This is pretty unusual for Kobe.

On an especially cold day, I found myself thinking that I’d love to enjoy watching the snow fall while I soaked in a hot onsen. Have you ever bathed in a Japanese onsen?

There a lot of onsen in Japan. The onsen waters are good for your body, and have beneficial properties like relieving fatigue and tightening the skin.

Do you know which onsen has the longest of them all?
…It’s actually in Kobe! Today, let’s take a look at this Kobe onsen, the oldest in Japan.

The onsen is called Arima Onsen. Arima Onsen came to be famous in 631, when Emperor Jomei visited the Arima area and enjoyed a bath here.

Nowadays, Arima Onsen is beloved by tourists and locals alike as a unique Japanese relaxation spot. You can spend the night at a hotel or ryokan there, or, of course, visit for a day trip.

Arima Onsen includes two types of baths, the “Golden Hot Spring” and the “Silver Hot Spring.” The waters of the Golden Hot Spring contain a lot of iron, but when they took the air, the water changes to a dark reddish-brown color. The waters of the Silver Hot Spring are colorless, and contian carbonate and radium. If you want to completely relax your body, it’s said that it’s best to bathe in both springs.

Arima Onsen is also famous for protecting geiko (geisha) culture over the years. Several times each year, events like the Cherry Blossom Festival or Yukata Festival are held, where you can see the Arima geiko dance.
Come experience this unique Japanese culture and the delights of Arima!

See here for information on how to get to Arima Onsen.
On Feel Kobe, Kobe’s Official Sightseeing Site, too, you can find more information about Arima Onsen, so be sure to take a look!