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Enjoying Study Abroad in Kobe! Part 2.

In part one, we posted an article with interviews with 30 recipients of the Kobe City International Student Scholarship about their life in Kobe.
This time, we asked them even more questions about studying abroad in Kobe and in Japan.

What does it mean to study abroad in Japan (Kobe)?

“Studying abroad is a good experience. Everyday life is different here than in my home country, so by studying abroad, I can learn more about how Japanese people think, and their daily customs. As a result, some of my ways of thinking have changed, and I think it’s a good stimulus for me.”

All of these students have received scholarships, but does it provide a lot of support towards enjoying student life here?

Just because students are received support through scholarships doesn’t mean that they’re just having fun and playing around all the time.

“A scholarship is meant to be money that supports society. It’s not so that I can have lots of fun.”

“I’m not just getting the money. I have to do a lot in order to receive and renew the scholarship.”

“I also think that getting scholarship money isn’t just getting money. It’s money so that I can study, and give back some day in the future.”

All of these students were also doing part-time jobs at convenience stores and cafés. Some also worked at the reception desks of libraries. Money is the same for international students and Japanese students alike: it’s to be used carefully for one’s future.

What do you want to do after graduation? Do you want to work in Japan?

Many students probably have some future goals in mind before coming to Japan.
Whether they’re coming to live in Japan, or to further their knowledge in a specialized field… When we asked the students, it seemed they all had firm goals.

“Even after I leave university, the place where I’m learning during study abroad, I think I’ll keep learning as a working adult, so I’ll have to keep studying. If I can, I’d like to find work in Japan, and after getting 4 to 5 years of experience, I want to go back to my home country to work. My number one choice would be to connect the two countries, and to build some exchange between the two. My number two choice would be to make a souvenir factory. In my home country of Nepal, we don’t really have souvenirs, so I’d like to make some.”

What a wonderful goal! I hope it comes true!

How would you like to study in Kobe, and expand your own dreams?

If you study abroad at a university or graduate school in Kobe City, you can apply for the Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication’s Kobe City International Student Scholarship through your school. For details, see here.