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Announcing the start of the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum program, the “City Sign Project (Machinaka Sign Project)”!

The purpose of the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum, which has been held since 2020 is to support student development through hands-on experiences aimed at solving social and regional issues, and to promote students’ continuous participation in activities that contribute to the community.

To date, a total of approximately 2,700 students from more than 60 universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and technical colleges have participated in over 150 diverse projects, including restoration of local countryside, creation of spaces for children, and exchange programs with the elderly.

We are now recruiting students to participate in the “City (Machinaka) Sign Project,” a new project to be launched as part of the “Kobe Student Community Contribution Scrum.

The City (Machinaka) Sign Project will offer opportunities for students to learn more about Kobe, including its history, culture, and nature. Students will make proposals to improve the area through a tour of the city, and conducting on-site surveys of the sign (signboards, etc.) installed throughout Kobe City.

We look forward to receiving applications from a variety of students!

1. About Recruitment
(1) Number of possible applicants: Approximately 200
(2) Application deadline: March 5th, 2023 (Sunday)
*Activity participation can begin as soon as applications are made.
* Applications will be closed when the maximum number of applicants is reached.
(3) Number of activities in which students can participate: Up to 10 per student 
(*Number of activities in the “City (Machinaka) Sign Project”, not the total number of activities in the Kobe Student Community Contribution Scrum program.
(4) Period during which activities will be held: Early February to early March 2023
(5) Daily activity hours: 5 hours of actual work
(6) Support grant: 5,000 yen per activity
*Transportation fee to the activity site: A flat 1,000 yen
*Additional support money will be provided according to the number of surveys conducted.
・Up to 10 images – No additional compensation
・11 – 30 images – ¥1,000 additional remuneration
・1131-50 images – ¥2,000 additional remuneration
・51 images or more: ¥3,000 additional compensation
(7) Survey locations: Areas around stations in the city
Kobe City Subway: Sannomiya, Okurayama, Nagata, Naya, Seishinchuo
JR: Konan Yamate, Rokko Michi, Hyogo, Tarumi
Kobe Electric Railway: Suzurandai, etc.

2. Eligible Students
・Students enrolled in universities (including graduate schools), junior colleges, and vocational schools (specialized courses only) in Kobe City
・University (and other) students living in Kobe City (including universities outside the city)
・Technical college students who are 4th year students or above

3. How to Apply
Please apply via the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Website.

4. Application Process & Activity Outline
(1) Apply for participation on the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Website.
Since the project will be conducted with research teams of two people each, it is possible to apply together with friends.
(2) Document screening
Confirmation of the desired survey area and desired date and time for participation.
(3) Notification of selection
The location, date and time of activities will be determined.
(4) Briefing session
Explanation of the details of the activities of the City (Machinaka) Sign Project.
(5) Participation in the project
・Take pictures of the signs in town with your own smartphone or other devices.
(When taking pictures, you will be asked to add location information.)
・Send the photos and related information to Kobe City (our office).
・Submit a report online with a proposal to improve the appeal of Kobe, based on your impressions participating in the activity.
(6) Activity Support Grant
Kobe City (our office) will confirm the results of your participation based on the reports submitted, and provide activity support funds.
*If your participation cannot be confirmed, support money will not be provided.

5. COVID-19 Precautions
In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will ask participants to take advance measures like taking their temperatures, washing their hands, and disinfecting their hands.

6. Public Relations & Inquiries
(1) Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Website/SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
1. Website:
2. Facebook:
3. Twitter:
4. Instagram:

(2) Contact Information
Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Office
≪Contracting Organization: Kobe Shimbun Co., Ltd. ≫
Officer: Nakamura, Oe
Phone: 078-362-7342