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[Closed] Announcing the start of recruitment of students for the “Kobe Student Community Support Scrum” for the first half of 2022!

The purpose of the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum, which has been held since 2020 is to support student development through hands-on experiences aimed at solving social and regional issues, and to promote students’ continuous participation in activities that contribute to the community.

We are recruiting students to participate in a variety of projects for the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum for the first half of 2022. We look forward to receiving applications from students who are interested in solving social and regional issues.

1. About Recruitment
(1) Number of projects: 32
(2) Number of applicants to be accepted: about 200
(3) Number of activities: Roughly 5-10
*As a general rule, participants will be expected to participate in all of a project’s activities.
(4) Maximum number of activities: Up to 10 per student
(5) Daily activity time: 5 hours of actual work
(6) Remuneration: 5,000 yen per time *Transportation expenses to the place of activity will all be given as 1,000 yen

2. Eligible Students
・Students enrolled in universities (including graduate schools), junior colleges, and vocational schools (specialized courses only) in Kobe City
・University (and other) students living in Kobe City (including universities outside the city)
・Technical college students who are 4th year students or above
*We are accept applications from eligible international students!

3. Application Period
As a general rule, applications will be accepted up to 10 days before the start of activities for each project.
*Recruitment will be closed as soon as the participation capacity of each project is reached.

4. How to Apply
Please apply via the Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Website.

5. Inquiries, etc.
(1) Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Website/SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
① Website
② Facebook
③ Twitter
④ Instagram

(2) Contact Information
Kobe Student Community Support Scrum Office
≪Contracting Organization: Kobe Shimbun Co., Ltd. ≫
Officer: Nakamura, Oe
Phone: 078-362-7342