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Library Week in Kobe.

Library Week takes place between 27 October and 9th November. International students and citizens, as well as Japanese people are welcome to take part in a wide variety of contents, exhibitions, talk events and more.

We’ve chosen some of the most interesting events, but there are much more of them!

Kobe Nada Municipal Library 灘図書館(TEL 078-854-5560)

1.26, 27, 29 October  Special Movie Event
Welcome to watch Japanese movies! One movie in a day at 14:00. Registration is not required, but the amount of guests is limited, so please come in advance.

2.3 November Tole Painting (Workshop)
The workshop will be held twice at 10:30~12:00 and 13:00~14:30.
Registration is required. Register untill 17 October. The number of participants is limited.

Kobe Sannomiya Municipal Library 三宮図書館(TEL 078-251-5015)
In the exhibiton “Changing Sannomiya” you know the history of Sannomiya area.
The exhibiton will be held twice: 25 October ~ 7 November and 9 ~22 November.

Kobe Hyogo Municipal Library 兵庫図書館(TEL 078-682-9501)
Another exhibiton will tell you about people born in Kobe.
Dates: 12 October ~ 14 November

Kobe Shinnagata Municipal Library 新長田図書館(TEL 078-691-1600)
Here you can spend amazing time finding answers to the library quiz!

Kobe Suma Municipal Library 須磨図書館(TEL 078-735-7444)
Would you like to make a book cover ? (workshop) Date: 27, 30 October  14:00~15:30
Registration: from 1 October (max. 5 people)

Kobe Nishi Municipal Library 西図書館(TEL 078-991-8311)
Welcome to the Chigiri-e workshop where you’ll make a book cover!
Date: 3 November  13:30~15:00
Registration: from 5 October (max. 7 people)

Kobe Tarumi Municipal Library 垂水図書館(TEL 078-709-7712)
Would you like to make postcards in the Chigiri-e style on 6 November at 10:30~11:30?
Registration: 5 ~ 17 October (max. 6 people)

You also will be able to pick up magazines with expired storage period for free.

For more information see the official page on Kobe City Hall website.