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“Kobe Student Community Contribution Scrum” has finally begun!

Support for students who contribute to the local community in the face of COVID-19!
“Kobe Student Community Contribution Scrum” has finally begun!

・Financial aid will be awarded to students participating in activities that support local communities, even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
・Why not get to know your local community by participating in some community service activities, and help to solve some local and societal problems?

[The Process of Applying to Participate in the “Kobe Student Community Contribution Scrum”]
■Qualifications to Apply
・Students currently enrolled at a university (or graduate school), junior college, or vocational school in Kobe City
・Students currently enrolled at universities, etc. (including those outside of Kobe City) who live in Kobe City
*Including international students

■Financial Reward
・Approximately 10,000 yen will be awarded per time each student participates
・Each participant may take part up to 5 times, and for their 3rd and 5th times participating, students will be awarded an extra 5,000 yen.

■How to Participate / More Details
・To apply / for the program website, see here:
・Program Social Media:
・Program Pamphlet:

■For inquiries regarding student participation
・Program Trustee Kobe Shinbum (Inquiry Representative Astaff, Inc.)
Astaff, Inc.: Phone Number 078-200-6307 (Operating hours are weekdays, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)